Keeping Your Eyes Healthy: How to Keep the Vision You Have With These Basic Tips

Even if you already need to wear corrective lenses, there are plenty of ways you can maintain your current level of eye health. With the right nutrition, wearing sunglasses and avoiding eyestrain, you can help your eyes stay healthy throughout your life. It is important to protect your vision so that you can live an active lifestyle for many years to come. Healthy Foods for Healthy Eyesight While any foods that contain vitamins and minerals are good for your overall health, there are specific nutrients that will help keep your eyes healthy.

4 Tips For Using Light Sensitive Sunglasses To Avoid Migraines

People who are sensitive to light find that even a little bit of glare can cause their eyes to physically hurt. This involves not only sunlight, but also interior lights. The degree of sensitivity varies dramatically, with some sufferers finding themselves experiencing vertigo or nausea. Still other sufferers find that light sensitivity can serve as a trigger for crippling migraines. One way to help reduce the effects of light sensitivity, particularly for migraine sufferers, is to wear special glasses that help to filter the light and make it less invasive.

Pros And Cons Of Using Contact Lenses: What Those Other Lists Won't Tell You

If you are thinking about wearing contact lenses, you may still be undecided about whether or not they're really right for you. Those standard lists of pros and cons are all pretty much things you already know. Here are a few more pros and cons, including some things you might not have considered yet. Pros If you need vision correction to see well, eyeglasses can work just fine--until you want to wear eye makeup.

Taking A Closer Look At The Questions Surrounding Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is a serious condition of the eye that, if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to your vision. Although the condition is often age-related, it can also be associated with other eye conditions and health problems, such as after cataract surgery or due to diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with retinal detachment, it is likely that you have a lot of concerns and questions about the condition. Here are a few of those most common questions and the answers that you should know when you are preparing for retinal surgery.

Glasses Giving You A Headache? It Might Not Be Your Prescription

When patients notice that their glasses are giving them headaches, they often assume it's the prescription that's to blame. They reason that their eyesight has become worse, and so they must be squinting or straining to see what's in front of them—leading to headaches. While anoutdated prescription can cause headaches, it's not the only possible reason why wearing glasses makes your head pound. If you're experiencing headaches when you wear your glasses, you should consider these other possibilities as well: