Tips For Buying New Glasses When On A Budget

The need for new glasses isn't something that you should ignore, but if your finances are tight, you might feel resistant to spending a considerable amount of money for new eyewear. The good news is that you can often save money by taking the right approach to your shopping. Saving money when buying new glasses doesn't mean that you have to simply opt for the cheapest pair you can find and not be content with how you look. By implementing these strategies, you'll often have more money in your pocket by the time you've completed your purchase. Here are some tips that you can successfully implement.

See If Your Shop Will Price Match

Many people opt to buy their glasses online as a way to save money, but this strategy won't necessarily work if you feel more comfortable going through the process in a physical store. Still, it never hurts to go through the process of searching for some frames online, finding the frames that you like and noting their prices. If your local optical has the same pairs of glasses for sale, ask if the optician can offer a price match. Given the prevalence of online glasses retailers, many opticals will price match to serve their customers who prefer buying in-store.

Think Twice About Add-Ons

Once you've selected the frames that suit your face and will handle your prescription, you'll need to make a decision about which add-on features you'd like. While each of the available options is useful, you may wish to skip some of them in order to save money. For example, getting an anti-scratch coating is ideal, but if your lifestyle isn't such that you can anticipate being hit in the glasses (for example, you don't have young children or you don't play sports) you can decline this option to save money. Likewise, anti-UV coating is ideal for many people, but if you'll be using the glasses for reading indoors and never plan to wear them outside, you can save money by skipping this coating option.

Consider Your Sunglasses

When people buy new glasses, they often buy a pair of prescription sunglasses, too. While this will have you covered whatever the environment you're in, it can also be challenging if you're on a tight budget. Price out your glasses and a pair of sunglasses, and then evaluate whether it's cheaper to get one pair that has lenses that will darken when you go outside. In some cases, opting for this universal pair of glasses will be cheaper than buying glasses and sunglasses.

For more information, talk to an eyewear store.