Take These Steps To Prevent Eyestrain At Work

If you've been struggling to see at work and have found that your eyes are tired and sore by the end of the day, it's likely time to visit your local optician to have your eyes checked and either get glasses or have your current glasses prescription changed. Once you have your new set of frames, your ability to see your computer screen and the presentation board in the boardroom will improve -- although it's important that you take a series of steps to keep your eyes from feeling strained. Here are some tips to employ once you have your new glasses and you're able to see clearly.

Fine-Tune Your Monitor's Settings

The default settings on your computer monitor might not be optimized for your vision, but this problem is easy to correct. Although each monitor is different, look for a series of buttons below the screen or on either side of it. These buttons allow you to adjust the screen's brightness and contrast, which can provide a screen that's easier on your eyes. For example, if you often find yourself working with the lights low, a bright screen might be harsh on your eyes.

Consider Moving Around Your Office

The position of your desk in relation to the window in your office can impact your ability to see clearly, which could lead to eyestrain. For example, if your back is to a window and your side of the building gets direct sunlight at a certain time of the day, it could generate a glare that makes it difficult to see the monitor. Over time, this can contribute to strained, tired eyes. It's ideal to position your desk so that the sunlight doesn't hit the front of the monitor -- if this isn't possible, consider blinds that can limit the glare.

Take Frequent Computer Breaks

Staring at your screen for prolonged periods of time, especially if you're not blinking regularly, can tire out your eyes quickly -- even if you're wearing new eyeglasses that keep your eyes feeling fresh. Try to include frequent computer breaks in your day. While there's no specific timeframe for taking a break, try to get up regularly. When you're setting your schedule for the day, see if you can intersperse computer activities with non-computer activities. For example, if you need to spend some time sending emails in the morning, arrange a conference call or a meeting afterward to give your eyes a break from the computer screen.

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