Choosing The Right Laser Safety Glasses For Your Needs

No matter what industry you work in, if your work involves laser technology, you need to put safety first. One of the most important things to invest in is a quality pair of laser safety glasses.  If you've never had to shop for these glasses before, you may not know what you should be looking for. Here are a few of the things you should consider as you shop for a pair.

Frame Comfort

While this may seem like a minor concern, comfort is actually very important. If you're uncomfortable in the frames or they don't fit right, you're not going to get the same level of protection or they may not stay in place. Make sure that your frames fit your face properly, feel comfortable and are secure when you wear them. That way, you're more likely to keep them on and in the right position to protect your eyes.

Quality Lenses

Laser safety glasses are designed to provide you with years of benefit, and you'll need to have the confidence that they're going to do just that. For the best chance of getting a long lifespan from your glasses, it's in your best interest to invest more up front in a high quality lens and frame. While it may cost you more up front, it will likely save you more over time if you don't have to invest in a new pair every couple of years.

Broad Field of View

Any kind of eyewear can restrict your peripheral vision to some extent. While you're likely to be looking directly where you're working, you don't want to lose any more peripheral vision than necessary. Limited peripheral vision can interfere with your own orientation and comfort while you're working, which may affect your quality of work. Make sure that the frames you choose don't completely obstruct your ability to use your peripheral vision while you're wearing them.

Wavelength Protection

Laser light comes in many different wavelengths, and each one can affect materials differently. In order for you to get the most from your laser safety glasses, you need to be sure that the lenses protect against the wavelengths that your laser beams contain. Check your laser wavelength ratings before you start shopping for glasses.

Optical Density

The optical density rating of the lenses defines the factor by which the laser beam power is reduced when looking through the lens. You'll want the highest optical density you can get for your lenses to best protect your eyes.

With the information presented here, you'll be better able to pick the right pair of laser safety glasses for your needs.