4 Tips For Using Light Sensitive Sunglasses To Avoid Migraines

People who are sensitive to light find that even a little bit of glare can cause their eyes to physically hurt. This involves not only sunlight, but also interior lights. The degree of sensitivity varies dramatically, with some sufferers finding themselves experiencing vertigo or nausea. Still other sufferers find that light sensitivity can serve as a trigger for crippling migraines. One way to help reduce the effects of light sensitivity, particularly for migraine sufferers, is to wear special glasses that help to filter the light and make it less invasive.

Regular Sunglasses Aren't Enough Protection

Many people who struggle with light sensitivity think that wearing any old pair of sunglasses will help them to fend off migraines and the pain of light sensitivity. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Scientists at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah found that a specific filter, FL-41, helped to prevent migraines in sufferers who are light sensitive. The filter is a rose color and it helps to improve light sensitivity symptoms better than grey or brown lenses.

Look for UVB and UVA Protection

While many migraine sufferers describe sensitivity to almost any kind of light, UVA and UVB light rays can do additional damage. It's important to find lenses that have both types of protection built into them. The lenses should be clearly labeled with this type of protection.

Get the Glasses Fitted

Glasses that don't fit well leave gaps along the sides as well as over the bridge of your nose and in other areas. A fitting from a professional ensures that the frames fit well in the temples and across the bridge of your nose. This way you don't have gaps that can let too much light in, potentially leading to a migraine.

Take the Glasses with You

If you're only light sensitive at certain times, such as right before or right after a migraine, you should still carry your protective sunglasses with you at all times. That way no matter when light sensitivity strikes, you're prepared. It's incredibly frustrating to need your protective lenses and realize that you've left them at home. Worse yet, you could be risking a migraine.

For the best results, find an eye care practitioner who has experience with fitting light sensitive sunglasses. They can help you to choose the right frames and lenses, and then make sure that they are the perfect match for your lifestyle. For more information, contact a professional like Axon Optics.