Glasses Giving You A Headache? It Might Not Be Your Prescription

When patients notice that their glasses are giving them headaches, they often assume it's the prescription that's to blame. They reason that their eyesight has become worse, and so they must be squinting or straining to see what's in front of them—leading to headaches. While an outdated prescription can cause headaches, it's not the only possible reason why wearing glasses makes your head pound. If you're experiencing headaches when you wear your glasses, you should consider these other possibilities as well:

Your frames may be pressing on the sides of your head.

If your frames are too small for your face, or if they have not been adjusted properly to fit your face, the side pieces may be pressing on the side of your head. Over time, this pressure can lead to headaches. To tell if your glasses fit properly, look in the mirror. The first point of contact between the side of your glasses and your head should be right in front of your ear. If it is any further forward than this, then your glasses are probably too tight. You can visit an optician to have them adjusted, or to have a new pair ordered.

Your lenses may be too small.

When you look out the side of your glasses, what you see is blurry and unmagnified. Usually, your eyes adapt to this over time, and you come to focus on only what you see clearly out of the glasses. However, if your lenses are quite small, the blurry area to the side of the glasses might be pretty large in comparison to the clear area you see directly in front of you. This can lead to headaches in some patients.

Every person has a different tolerance when it comes to lens size. What's too small for you might be just right for someone else. If your glasses are on the smaller side, it's worthwhile to try out a pair with larger lenses and see if your headaches subside.

The activities you perform while wearing glasses might be to blame.

Are you someone who only wears glasses during certain activities, such as reading or looking at the blackboard? It might not be your glasses that are causing the headaches at all, but rather these activities. Bending your neck so your chin rests on your chest during reading is common, and it can cause neck tension that contributes to headaches. You might be stressed out or thinking really hard when you're looking at the blackboard in class—this could be causing your headaches.

If your glasses are giving you headaches, it's a good idea to call and talk to your eye doctor or glasses provider, like those at Optical View. Whether it's your prescription that's to blame, or one of the other factors discussed above, he or she can help you find a solution so you can wear your glasses comfortably again.