Preparing For Laser Eye Surgery

If you have decided to have laser eye surgery to correct your vision, you may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect. Laser eye surgery can take away the inconvenience of needing to wear glasses or contact lenses, leaving you with crisp, clear vision without props.

Here are some points to consider when preparing for your laser eye surgery appointment in an attempt to better prepare you for the procedure and the recovery time.

What Should Be Done Before The Procedure

When you decide to have laser eye surgery, your surgeon will do an extensive evaluation of the shape of your corneas to determine how to repair them to have the best vision afterward. Before you have the surgery, you will need to keep contact lenses out of your eyes for several weeks. Contact lenses are known to alter the shape of your corneas, compromising the results your doctor had previously collected. 

What The Procedure Entails

When you go in for laser eye surgery, you will be awake during the process. An anesthetic will be given in an eye drop form,  so you will not be able to feel any pain. The process is done with the use of a device that will keep your eye in an open position.

A small suction cup will be placed around the cornea of your eye, keeping it in place so the doctor will be able to work on this section of the eye without obstruction.

The cornea will need to be reshaped in order to repair your vision. This is done with the use of intricate metal surgical instruments. The surgeon will use these to push the tissue in or around the cornea to a new spot, perfecting your vision as a result.

While this sounds a bit scary, it is not painful at all. You may feel some pressure from the movements of the instruments as the surgeon repairs the shape of your cornea. The entire procedure will take about a half an hour if you are having both eyes repaired.

What Happens Afterward

After you have had your laser eye surgery procedure, you will want to rest your eyes as they heal from the process. Blurry or distorted vision is sometimes noticed, but this is a normal result that can be expected. Your vision will clear up on its own as the eyes heal from the procedure.

Burning or itching of the eyes is another symptom that may be felt for a few hours after the surgery. This also subsides on its own, rather quickly. You will notice clear vision in only a day or two after the procedure has been done. For more information about this and other procedures, like Lasik, contact a professional for help.